Growing older and gaining responsibility as an adult, I often feel confused by the difficult—and sometimes arbitrary—decisions I am expected to make regarding career and identity. I think fondly of the freedom and security of childhood, where I had no concern for future decisions, and my only goal for each day was to enjoy the company of a friend or the comfort of home.

The source images for my paintings are digitally manipulated personal photographs which capture those carefree moments of my childhood. A common element among these images is the overlapping of translucent layers, which results in a high-key value range and an overall soft, quiet aesthetic. This translucency and quietness represents both the dream-like quality of memory, as well as the slight emptiness one might feel at the realization of losing hold of a simpler past.

My intention with these paintings is to allow myself and the viewer to temporarily escape from the confusion of adulthood, and to draw joy from the memory of childhood experiences.